Official logo of LIB.COM

LIB.COM is an official and exclusive student organization of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills on the theories and concepts of the provision of library and information services. it includes topics on the basic principles of and fundamental laws of library science. The program seeks to train students on the management of libraries and the techniques of effective librarianship as well as management of information system for better organization and use of information resources.

History of LIB.COM

Lib.Com is an organization of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) students of the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. It was formerly known as Knowledge and Information Specialist Society (KISS) which was organized in 2003 by the students of BSED major in Library Science.

Lib.Com was organized through the cooperation of the Director of the University Libraries, Dr. Augusta Rosario A. Villamater. At present, Lib.Com has 37 members who are engaging in different activities concerning library and books.


The LIB.COM is committed to promote librarianship, create and establish a camaraderie among each members and people around them. To build up a community that will enhance the skills of the associates responsive to the needs of the organization.


LIB.COM exists to perform its opportunity in the promotion of library and information science profession in the university.


  1. To uphold the mission statement of the university and the college of education and be instrumental in its ultimate realization.
  2. To promote love for books, and other information materials.
  3. To encourage the good reading habits, and develop research.
  4. To promote research in various aspects of information science.
  5. To outreach the non-member students and network them with other Library and Information Science (LIS) students.
  6. To contribute to overall development of the library and information science profession and create an impression in social developments.



  1. Leadership through demonstrated example.
  2. Respect for one’s reading habits.
  3. Harmony with reading materials.
  4. Personal commitment for worthwhile spending of leisure time.
  5. Unity for the common good of each member and the other organization.