About Us


The Library Complex is Located along the Calayaan Circle at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City.

The Library is the biggest library here at Southern Tagalog Region.

Arguably the new most famous landmark of Enverga University, the MSEUF Library Complex is one of the most modern educational facilities of its kind in the country. Aside from housing all departmental libraries, it also contains the M.S.E. Museum and Memorabilia.





Library Rules and Regulations

In line with the objective of rendering the best services to the library clienteles, particularly the proper use of library facilities to make them conducive to quiet study, everybody is enjoined to observe the following rules:

1. For all library transactions, the bar-coded ID must be presented.

2. SILENCE should be observed at all times in the general reading area.

3. The following offenses will be dealt with accordingly.

a. Smoking;

b. Eating, drinking and sleeping;

c. Drawing, sketching;

d. Littering or improper throwing of trash;

e. Unnecessary and loud talking;

f. Public display of affection;

g. Dishonesty or cheating (Use of another student’s ID or lending it to another student);

h. Taking out library materials that are not properly borrowed;

i. Marking or tearing pages from books or periodicals;

j. Acts of vandalism that damage library furniture, equipment and other property;

k. Stealing library/staff property or those of other users;

4. The library is for quiet study and not a meeting place by any group or a rendezvous for special friends.

5. Loitering inside the reading area is strictly prohibited because it distracts students who are studying their lessons seriously.

6. Library users are not allowed to move chairs from one table to another.

Cell phones should be in MUTE/SILENT mode.

The Library Staff and Security Officer reserve the right to call the attention of library users for non-compliance of the above, who may be subjected to disciplinary action.