The blueberry cheesecakes and the blueberry jams are the products produced out of the blueberries planted around the University Libraries.

The library staff together with the Lib.Com members created the Halamanan ng Librarian Project. Halamanan ng Librarian is a Green Revolution Project where the staff and Lib.Com members planted vegetables and herbal plants around the   library. The project aims to produce vegetable and herbal plants and sell it. The fund will be used to help     support chosen library student assistant who is in need of financial help.

This semester, the library staff  produced blueberries aside from the other vegetable plants that were planted last semester. These blueberries were made into cupcakes and jam. The fund earned will be used to help student assistant who are in need of financial assistance.

The library staff work together to make this Green Revolution possible. They are the one who helped dig, plant, water, and maintain the plants until such time it is ready for harvesting. For they know this effort will not only help promote the environment but also can help support some of the student assistants who needs financial assistance.


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