Cristian S. Mendoza: Most Outstanding Achiever 2017 for Off Campus Leadership

      Mr. Cristian S. Mendoza , a 4th year BLIS student was awarded as the Most Outstanding Achiever 2017 for Off Campus Leadership during the MSEUF Graduation Ball on May 22, 2017 at the Queen Margarette Hotel, Brgy. Domoit , Lucena City.

This award was given to deserving students who shows  exemplary character and leadership specially in performing community related activities outside the campus.

Mr. Mendoza has been a former President of the Lib.Com which during the time initiated a lot of community outreach programs such as Librarianihan, Zumbook, etc.

He is also the current President of the Rho Tau Gamma which is also involved with a lot of community related activities.

That’s is why he got the award. Kodus to Mr. Cristian Mendoza. May you continue to be a good example of a leader!



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